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by Noelia

Noelia is a movement lover and because of this she became a qualified Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach, Nutrition Coach and Massage Therapist. She has dedicated most of her life and career to understand the human body functions and to help people regain quality of movement. She has been in the health & fitness industry for more than two decades having the opportunity to work with several populations and background.

“From aspiring athletes to the everyday exerciser, my mission is to help people create a good connection with their bodies. Recover full mobility, start enjoying life pain-free, create an ‘available body’ so you can use it at any time and in any way you like.” 

Robust from the Latin ‘robustus’ meaning ‘as strong as oak’… wood is, in her opinion, one noble element. It is strong, sturdy, durable but also flexible, versatile, and loyal.  This is also how health looks like to her eyes. Her Latin roots, being Spanish her mother tongue, and the feminine end in this word is what represents her, and therefore she called this project Robusta.

“I created Robusta to help people feel strong, flexible, confident, supple and enjoy life every day having an available body to do all the things they want when they want with no restrictions. A clear mind and a great connection with oneself are what we seek for.”

Training. Massage Treatment. Effective Recovery. Eat well. Sleep quality. These are her areas of expertise, and she would love to help you achieve a great lifestyle balance practicing great habits that won’t be boring or feel like a sacrifice!


-    Sports Massage Therapist. Traditional Thai Massage & Reflexology. Pregnancy & Post-Partum Massage.

-    Personal Trainer, member of CIMSPA. CrossFit Level 1.

Olympic Weightlifting. Kettlebells.

Young Athletes Coach.

Adaptive Coach (temporary and permanent conditions).

Trained in the Opex Methodology.

Trained in Dr. Stuart McGill Methodology to work with the Back Pain sufferers. 

-    Precision Nutrition Level 1

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