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Helping people closing the gap between wanting to achieve something and actually getting it. By assessing your fitness today and planning your unique programming whether you want to improve performance, change your body composition, start moving, become healthier or improve your capabilities due to temporary or permanent disability. For experienced athletes a tailored strength and conditioning programme can be developed. 

"I have known Noelia for a number of years. She is my current PT- I have worked with PTs all my adult life (about 40 years) and Noe is the best of them. For me it is her commitment to correct form that makes her stand out. She is tenacious and unrelenting in making sure that what we do, we do correctly. She also pitches her sessions at the right level- they are challenging yet varied and fun. I certainly feel I have made significant progress with Noe and look forward to continuing to work with her.Jonathan.

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